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Sam Amidon – Whelans – 25-10-13 – Review

Sma Amidon sings

Sam Amidon took to the stage a little after nine, with his regular partner in crime Chris Vatalaro. His live performances are rambling to say the least, and you’re never quite sure whether he’ll make it to the end of a song without breaking into a five minute guitar solo, hang the song on one note, as his voice slowly crumbles or breaks into one of his many bizarre stories, of the ghost of Jimmy Hendrix who visits him frequently or on tiny vicious donkeys that inhabit his dreams.

What do you get with Sam is an impressively talented folk singer that can pick up any instrument on stage and be equally adept with any of them. His fiddle and banjo music are some of my favorite tunes, and the set on the night featured such gems as Saro, I see the Sign, As I Roved out, and the R Kelly sing along tune ‘Relief’

I’m alright and you’re alright, so lets celebrate.

You can’t help but think that if he focused on playing his music, and cut the odd ball comedy and jazz improv that he’d be playing far bigger venues by this stage, but it is possibly the nature of the beast. I’m not sure he could if he tried, and it is great to get such a talented musician in a small venue such as Whelans. Dublin, wake up, this guy is amazing!

Mossy Nolan played support on the night, and played a number of songs about the smaller aspects of life, with the stand out track ‘what’s good about it’ about a guy who worked in a small shop in Athlone, who replied that same sentence to anyone who said good morning to him.

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