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Lorde – Pure Heroine – Album Review


Initially signed at the age of thirteen by Universal Records, New Zealand, Lorde has finally released her debut album in Ireland at the tender age of 16.  Pure Heroine was already released a few weeks ago in the Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand and the single ‘Royals’ is currently #1 in America, was #1 in Ireland last week (and again today), and is #1 in this week’s midweek UK’s charts. So I think it’s safe to say that expectations are high for the album and thankfully, to much relief and a little surprise, it delivers!

The singles ‘Royals’ and ‘Tennis Court’ are hands-down superb and practically all of the other eight tracks reach similar heights. There actually is no filler. The entire album is like a slow-drip intravenous feed of bare electro (at times almost ‘chopped and screwed’) mixed with punchy, beautiful and harmoniously layered vocals. It’s a very mature and sophisticated piece of work that slowly drags you away from the busy world of problems and thoughts and into a head-nodding state of closed-eyed sedation. It really is quite blissful – in the most slow-motion way imaginable!

Lorde throws out quite a few poignant lyrical jibes – at the ludicrous state of celebrity lifestyles and the ridiculous ideals promoted by contemporary pop and R&B artists – like in ‘Team’ and ‘Royals,’ however, no massive analysis or critique is really offered so, at times, it can feel a little tokenistic. That said, it’s more interesting than most teen-pop lyrics (and, I know, it’s an album…not an academic sociology paper she’s proposing to give us…PLUS SHE’S ONLY SIXTEEN!)

Think Lana Del Rey meets The XX with several styrofoam cups of  ‘sizzurp‘ and you won’t be too far off the mark! This is sincere and vibrant arty-indie-electropop at its best. Get it now!

Standout tracks: Tennis Court, 400 Lux, Royals, Ribs, Team, Still Sane, A World Alone, (and pretty much all the other tracks too!!)

Track List

01. Tennis Court
02. 400 Lux
03. Royals
04. Ribs
05. Buzzcut Season
06. Team
07. Glory and Gore
08. Still Sane
09. White Teeth Teens
10. A World Alone

Matthew Barks

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