Mice Will Play – Project Arts Centre – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review


Did you know that one breed of mice, known as Black Six was the second animal ever to have its genome published after humans and accounts for 99% of all laboratory rodents? Yes, after this short but informative piece, you will emerge with a veritable encyclopedic knowledge of our little furry friends, including cartoon characters, scientific testing, idioms and a variety of other stories.

This is a music and dance piece that is loosely linked together over the premise of mice, and people’s perceptions of the most likable of rodents. Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh plays fiddle and Nic Gareiss dances and carries the percussive sound, as he shuffles and taps to keep time, in a most interesting and quirky musical experience.

This new work was created with director Sophie Motley and lighting designer Sarah Jane Shiels of Wilfredd theatre company, and adds another layer to what would have been a simple musical experience without the mice related tales (tails?).

There are masks, stories, facts and figures and a whole lot of mouse traps to keep the audience occupied. Recordings of interviews are used throughout, as people tell stories revolving around mice. The music is often drawn from the melody of people’s voices, with the rise and fall of their voice forming the starting point for the fiddle. This is an interesting and diverse piece, that should bring the music of Ó Raghallaigh and Gareiss to a whole new audience.

Mice Will Play runs at the Project Arts Centre until Saturday the 21st of September.

This Is How We Fly – including Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Nic Gareissdebut  – Album launch

Friday Sept 27th | Button Factory, Dublin 2 | 7:30pm | €15

Admission includes complimentary copy of the new album on CD

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