David O’Doherty – Dublin Fringe Festival – Project Arts Centre – Review


In the early part of the show, David said he played his first ever comedy gig in the Norseman, only a hundred metres or so from the Project Arts Centre. He said he still uses one of the jokes from that set. ‘Welcome to Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural centre. Going to Temple Bar to learn about Culture is like going to Disneyland to learn about mice’. The fact that his changing room is right beside the women’s toilet was not lost on him either. He overheard one woman say that her friend had seen David’s new show in Edinburgh, and it wasn’t very good! Her friend was more than a little harsh.

Yes, David O’Doherty returned to play to a home town audience last night, and worked through his usual repotoire of rambling stories, funky keyboard sounds and odd ball jokes. He’s got a wonderfully shambolic air about him, and it feels like he just turned up with his dodgy keyboard and decided to tell some stories. He talked about hatred of showbiz and especially the Irish scene. He said the only job worse than working in showbiz was that fish that swims up a man’s penis in the Amazon, which he reffered to as the ‘wang fish‘ for the rest of the evening. He also told of his love for professional cycling, what life is like with a long torso and short legs, his internet addiction and how Lance Armstrong had shattered his belief in magic.

There’s nothing radically different about David’s new show, he’s still sitting banging on a dodgy keyboard, stopping every five seconds to tell the latest story that came into his head, with a massive smile on his face. Having followed David’s career for the best part of 15 years, it’s always great to see him live in Dublin, it’s like an old friend coming home, after far too long away!

David O’Doherty plays at the Project Arts Centre as part of the Fringe Festival until Saturday the 21st of September. There are still tickets available for Monday – Wednesday and Saturday Matinee currently, so book soon!

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