TV Preview – Black Orphan


TV Preview- Orphan Black- BBC 3 Friday 9pm

This new Science Fiction drama comes from Canada/America and is debuting in a double bill on Friday night. Orphan and street hustler, Sarah, witnesses the suicide of Elizabeth Childs and decides to assume her identity, as they look extremely similar. Thinking that she’s landed in the clover as she empties the dead woman’s savings account, Sarah instead begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together to realize that she and the dead woman are in fact clones of each other. But are they the only ones?

All the episode titles are quotes from On the Origin of Species by Darwin, with the opening episode titled Natural Selection. The show premiered in the states in March this year and has been renewed for a second season in 2014. The series has been received well by critics.

Tatiana Maslany plays a cast of different women in the series and has appeared in a variety of Canadian TV shows, Being Erica, Flashpoint and Heartland. She has won the Critic’s Choice Television Award for her role in Orphan Black. Some homegrown talent also stars in the series with Maria Doyle Kennedy playing the part of Siobhan Sadler, Sarah and her foster brother Felix’s foster mother. Siobhan is currently the guardian of Sarah’s daughter Kira while Sarah has been on the streets. Sarah hopes to start a new life with Kira and Felix but finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy and must find the answers about who she really is and how many others there are just like her before time runs out.

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