The Last Post – Dublin Fringe Festival – The Mart – Review

The Last Post

The Last Post is a free flowing show that lets you wander through the inner workings of an imaginary Post Office. We get to see the sorting offices and meet the well meaning post men and women on their tea break, before traveling briefly on their route and visiting the home of one of their favorite customers.

The Mart is an old Fire station at the centre of Rathmiines, just beside the town hall. It has been converted into an art space, with occasional markets, and is a building with a variety of unusual spaces. The journey begins just outside the man entrance on the street, where we are met by one of the friendly, fast talking postmen. After a quick introduction, we are taken into the back of the building to meet the other postal workers and hear their stories.

There is a nice air that anything can happen, as we are guided on a tour of the facilities. You visit offices which are hidden up the back stairs in the old building and meet a number of odd ball characters. This is the product of ‘Just the Lads’ theatre company, who are new kids on the block and all seem to be in their mid 20’s. This new piece was created using a series of interviews with people in the locality and seeing what the Post Office means to ordinary members of society. It is a fun and lively insight into the Post Office, that never takes itself too seriously and is an enjoyable trip.

The Last Post finishes today (14-09-13) at the Mart, Rathmines, as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

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