Way Back Home – Project Arts Centre – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

WayBackHome Project Arts Centre

A small boy is lost in the city, he encounters a number of strange individuals while trying to find his way back home, None of them are particularly sinister, but all have their own problems and find it hard to help him on his journey. This fairy tale like story is told through images as well as text, water colour paintings are projected onto a screen while the actors perform in the foreground. This is not the only action though, as this story is broken up with a variety of other pursuits. The actors improvise and play word association games, there’s also a number of songs and dance sequences and a variety of audio clips of kids talking and explaining the world around them.

The main focus of this piece is on children, and their perspective on life. It captures the wildness and free wheeling nature of a child’s view of the world and is playful and joyous. This play would struggle to come to life in the hands of a less talented group of actors, but all those involved have the necessary lightness of touch to allow it to breathe. The addition of a small child, Cuán White, on stage adds to the experience. This is a warm and feel good piece, that will leave you with a smile on your face when you leave the theatre.

Louise White Web Site.

Directed and Conceived by Louise White

Visual Artist: Clare Henderson

Composition and Sound Design: Alma Kelliher

Lightning Design: Stephen Dodd

Producer: Kate O’ Sullivan

Dramaturg: Dan Colley

Cast Includes:

Simon Boyle, Justine Cooper, Kate Nic Chonaonaigh and Iseult Sheehy

Way back home runs at the Project Arts Centre as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival until Sept 14th.

Way Back Home - Louise White

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