Rites of Passage: Evolving our Past | Peppercanister Church | Dublin Fringe Festival | Review

The Kids of St. Brigid's School Choir

The idea is simple, to wrap up Ireland’s history in three hours of talk and music, should be easy enough to achieve, right? Or as Keith Molony said, to put Ireland on the Psychiatrist’s couch and see what she has to say. This was always going to be a quick dash through a few thousand years of our collective history, delving into Irish mythology to pick out a few tasty bits and see the influences they have on the Irish psyche.

This was the first night of the event, and the setting of the Peppercanister Church creates a special aura. It’s a beautiful church at the end of a row of Georgian’s houses on Upper Mount Street. The night started in amazing fashion, with a rendition of ‘Do you realise’ (the Flaming Lips) by Nina Hynes and band, and a 100 piece choir from St. Brigid’s school, it was a warm and rich sound that really filled the space.  The second song of the evening was equally impressive, with Fleet Foxes’s White Winter Hymnal.

After the musicians had left the stage, the series of talks began. Each speaker was given 8 minutes to talk on their chosen topic, and there was a wide range of ideas covered. The early talks were on mythology and our rich history of folklore. After a brief interval, Geometry Geoff (Fitzpatrick) gave us an insight into the squaring the circle, which moved from the pyramids to stone henge and then on to crop circles. Brother Richard Hendrick gave a fascinating talk that moved from why his feet are cold to talking to storms. Keith Molony gave an extremely personal speech that left hardly a dry eye in the house.

Caoimhin ó Raghallaigh then played a haunting tune on the fiddle, which resonated around the huge space. The night was finished by the undoubted stars of the occasion, the choir from St. Brigid’s school and a few more tracks with Ninia Hynes. It was a special evening in the Peppercanister, and there’s more to come next week! This was the first in the series of  Rites of Passage talks/ lectures and musical events that are the brainchild of the Trailblazery group. a series that aims to examine Ireland’s Past, Present and Future.

For more information on future events, please see our recent post on Rites of Passage here.

Speakers are:

Noeline Kavanagh guest host (director, writer, artist)

Christine Clear (writer, lecturer)

Cilian Fennell (consultant, coach, storyteller)

Geoff Fitzpatrick (sacred geometrician, artist, seeker)

John Fox (artist, activist, Rites of Passage elder)

Brother Richard Hendrick (Capuchin Franciscan Priest-Friar, meditation teacher)

Manchan Magan (writer, documentary-maker, global nomad)

Keith Molony (entrepreneur, explorer, philanthropist.)

Dolores Whelan (educator, author, Celtic spiritual guide)

Patrick O’Connor (author, geographer, poet)

Music by:

Caoimhin ó Raghallaigh (musician, composer, innovator)

Noirin Ni Riain (spiritual singer. theologian, musicologist)

Featuring a performance by Nina Hynes & the children’s choir from St. Brigid’s School, Killester

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