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Movie Review – Justin and the Knights of Valour

Justin and the Knights of Valour

For a childs first cinema outing, you won’t get much better than Justin and the Knights of Valour. My daughter and I attended a preview screening on Saturday morning  with great excitement.  This enchanting tale of sweet-natured Justin who dreams of following his grandfather’s footsteps of becoming a knight. However this wish is impossible as knights have been banished by the Queen and replaced by laws and rules started by Justin’s lawyer father. After visiting his grandmother, Justin is entrusted with a quest to find his grandfathers sword and in order to do this he must train to be a knight.

Along the way he meets spirited barmaid Talia and wacky magician Melquiades who help him with his mission. He is mentored by three wise old knights Blucher, Braulio and Legantir. Justin soon realises that the knight who killed his grandfather Sir Heraclio is putting together an arm to overthrow the Queen and take over the kingdom. With no knights to defend them, Justin must quickly rise to the challenge and become the knight he has always wanted to be.

The film was in 3D but I think it would be equally enjoyable in 2D. It certainly held my attention and my 2 year olds attention so it gets big props for that! The film has an A-list voice over cast including Freddie Highmore, Saoirse Ronan, David Walliams, Antonio Bandaras, Mark Strong , Rupert Everett, Alfred Molina and Julie Walters. Animation still has the power to really amaze and the production on this was brilliant, with beautifully crafted scenery of old castles and waterfalls, high cliffs and deep rolling rivers. It’s a cracker of a movie with a few laugh out loud moments that will entertain the whole family.

Justin and the Knights of Valour goes on general release on 13th September.

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  1. I love the way these new movies introduce children to our archetypal stories, teaching them that everyone can follow their own ‘Hero’s Journey’!

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