New Movie Releases – 23-08-13


The rarest of rate things is released this week, a sci-fi movie that gets good reviews? Well, better than average anyway. That’s the first once since…. ah… District 9? This is the new movie from the director of District 9, Neil Blomkamp, and paints a vision of the future where the rich orbit the planet in a satellite and the rest of us scrap on the ruins of the earth beneath.

Julianne Moore plays a rock star in ‘What Masie Knew‘ in the other worthwhile release of the week.  Steeve Coogan plays the child’s other dysfunctional parent, in this tale of a kid trapped between two warring parents.

Has anyone gone to see a Jennifer Aniston movie in the cinema? Hands up now, be honest, have you? I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone that has, but someone must. This sounds better than average story of drug smuggling and other sordid tales. The critics seemed to enjoy the first half and not so much the second, but I doubt Jennifer fans will mind.

Lovelace is the story of Linda Lovelace, and the critics all seem to be filled with wrath and bile for it. Is that enough of a reason to ignore it? Well, you have to make choices somehow.

Mortal Instruments sounds a bit silly.

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