Stitcher-Internet Radio on Demand and My Most Listened to Shows


Stitcher-Internet Radio on Demand and My Most Listened to Shows

I love Stitcher. I started listening to it after I had my first baby 2 years ago and since then I have listened to 415 plus hours of radio, and 633 podcasts. That’s one thing I love about it, it tells me exactly how much time I’ve spent listening since the 10th May 2011 and the stats of what shows I’ve listened to most. You can choose your favourite shows and it will refresh and download each time there is a new one so that you can listen even when you are not connected to the internet. It has a smart station where it will give you recommendations of shows to listen to and it has car mode. But I have no idea what that’s about. Its extremely user friendly and its front page has all the current news stories.

Currently on my favourites playlist are 5 shows that I am trying out and 5 that I am a diehard fan of. The “on trial shows” are This American Life, Here’s the Thing, The Nerdist, Fatman on Batman and How Did This Get Made.

This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast to 500 stations and with a listenership of 1.8 million produced by Chicago Public Media. Each episode has a new theme with a variety of stories on that theme. The current episode is about a journalist name Meron Estefanos who gets a disturbing tip when she is given a phone number of a supposed group of refugees being held hostage. Once she rings the number dozens of strangers are begging her to rescue them. How can she ignore them?

Here’s The Thing is a show comprising of an in-depth interview between Jack Donaghy, sorry, Alec Baldwin and quite a diverse selection of famous guests. Ranging from Thom Yorke to Debbie Reynolds in the world of entertainment to Martin Horne, former New York City Commissioner of Correction and Probation and current episode interviewee, painter Eric Fischl

Fatman on Batman is from my favourite stable of podcasts, the Smodcast Internet Radio. Kevin Smith who many may consider to be a failure as a film director seems to have struck gold with his public appearances and internet shows. In this series he waxes lyrical on his favourite comic book character with different comic book artists . Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Stan Lee, Dan Didio and Grant Morrisson have all sat down for a chat in this series.

How did This Get Made is pretty self explanatory from its title. Each week a different movie is picked and dissected with a panel. Recent movies covered has been the ever popular Sharknado(!), Demolition Man, Spice World, Stop! Or my Mom will Shoot and The Devil’s Advocate.

The Nerdist is a new download for me and this week its an interview with Lauren Graham. She’s going to discuss the Gilmore Girls. Enough said.

My five favorites can be lumped together as they all started from the Smodcast stable. Mohr Stories is a breakaway podcast, where Jay Mohr interviews a different comedian, actor or entertainer every week. Recent interviewees have been Perry Farrell, Stone Cold Steve Austin and (the hottest Baldwin) Billy Baldwin. Its worth going back to the beginning of this series for Jay’s brilliant Tracey Morgan impersonations alone.

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is an intervention podcast, or at least that’s how Smith would describe it. A means to keep his old friend Jay on the straight and narrow and off drugs. Recently this podcast visited our shores and did two nights in Vicar Street which can be downloaded or watched on its DVD release. Its two friends telling stories of their crazy lives.

Similiarly Tell ‘Em Steve Dave is another collection of friends- the guys who run Smith’s comic book store in New Jersey and who have gotten their own TV series on the back of this podcast.

Hollywood Babble-On is Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman’s roundup of what’s happened in Hollywood. Garman is a local radio personality and actor in such fantastic movies as Sharktopus. Garman has a range of impersonations that he incorporates into the show with varying success in my opinion. Each segment of the show has its own jingle such as their weekly look into what Lindsay Lohan is up to, which goes to the tune of Desperado and the lyrics of which are “Lindsay Lohan, why don’t you come to your senses?”, Hollywood helpers which features a story of a good deed done by a big Hollywood player and an obituary slot to name but a few. All in all its a big bucket of win.

Finally is the originator, The Smodcast. Usually a conversation between Smith and his long term collaborator and former producer Scott Mosier it comprises of a chat about interesting internet stories or interviews with guest stars.

Stitcher is available through the App store and is completely free. Check out a podcast today!


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