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Ennio Morricone – IMMA Kilmainham – 29-07-13 – Review

Ennio Morricone on Stage - Dublin

As the crowds made their way to the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, there was fear in the eyes of all, as the heavy rain continued. It had been an odd day in Dublin with blazing sun one moment and torrential rain the next. Some of the programme and ticket boots were selling rain ponchos, and while the day glow blue and green were not quite the colours of the old west, they still could be a mark of respect for the man who created the sound of a film genre. Some of his music has become the epitome of the Western, and the chance to see Ennio Morricone conduct a 97 piece band and 100 strong choir was not to be missed.

Minutes after the music started, the heavens cleared, and blue skies emerged over the outdoor venue, to the relief of all those there. The music was as epic and triumphal as you would expect from a band of that size, and showed the full range of his talents. The tracks varied from subtle lounge, to the epics such as ‘Once upon a time in America’, ‘Ecstasy of Gold (The Good, the Bad, the Ugly)’ and ‘The Mission’ to keep all the fans happy. There was a good mix of his more famous pieces, along with those that were less familiar, but with an orchestra of that size, they all sounded impressive. It was a diverse and interesting night of music for the movie buff and fan of orchestral music alike.

Update: Set list – Source

Varianti su un Segnale Di Polizia
Scattered Sheets
The Sicilian Clean
Love Circle
Uno Che Grida Amore (from the film Love Circle)
Come Maddalena (from the film Maddalena)
The Modernity of Myth in Sergio Leone’s Cinema
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Once upon a time in the West
A fistful of Dynamite
The Ecstasy of the Gold
(From the film – The Good, the bad and the Ugly)
Deborah’s Theme
Cinema Paradiso
Tribue to Bolognini
Per le Antiche Scale
L’eredita Ferramonti
Gabriel’s Oboe
On Earth as it is in Heaven

4 encores:

Abbolisson (from Queimada aka Burn)
Ecstasy of Gold (repeat)
On Earth As It Is In Heaven (repeat)
Here’s to You (from Sacco e Vanzetti)

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  1. I attended the concert last night and found it amazing and incredible as expected. What I didn’t expect was the people traffic throughout the event parading up and down the sides chatting, drinking, smoking, some running, guards on their radios, stewards having a laugh and then to top it all off a guard cycles down one of the side walkways!!!! It really spoilt the whole experience. This is acceptable for most concerts but not for the likes of Ennio Morricone.

    • That wasn’t such a problem where I was sitting, although maybe that was just the luck of the draw. Anyone else have problems? I was towards the centre of stage near the sound desk and it was fine.

      An outdoor setting for music like that is an unusual one, and in truth we were blessed the rain held off.

  2. Thats sad Dee. Unfortunatly thats Ireland, our culture… Disrespect your neighbour and look after yourself only.

  3. I was seated in block B ……. no problems at all ….. everything was nice and quiet and the sound was perfect …big screens were great ….

  4. I was there too, and said the same thing to my husband, I just couldn’t believe that people couldn’t sit still for a few hours to listen and enjoy his amazing music. Maybe if they stopped serving drink etc during the concert it may have kept people in their seats. Other than that the concert was just famtastic, a once in a lifetime to see him perform in Dublin.

  5. To be honest, they’re never going to stop serving drink during the concerts! I don’t think you can blame the promoters for trying to make a buck. I guess it was a mixed crowd of people used to the Concert Hall and those used to rock concerts.

  6. Went to Morricone on Sat night in Dublin. Very disappointing. “Encores”
    Started 8:35pm – Finished at 10:15 despite the fact programme said end at 10:45.

    • Yes, I agree. The music itself was superb but I felt 1 1/2 hours including encores was poor value ( actually the choir started walking on at 8:35 , EM came on at 8:45) my ticket cost e110.

      • It was a very expensive gig, but they did have to fly over a hundred piece orchestra, which isn’t cheap! People are willing to pay it, obviously. I think to see someone at that level, it’s always going to be an expensive night.

  7. I saw him in Verona play to 35,000 people. Never once did anybody leave their seat. The hoards of people leaving seats too bring back hands filled with pints in the middle of his best music could only happen in Ireland. Luckily, he has his back to the crowd so he could not witness the disrespect the Irish showed him.

  8. To be in the presence of a genius on a par with Michaelangelo, da vinci, Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein has made by year. However, I will block out the presence of the plastic cup bulmers drinkers pissing their way through the concert, the umbrella people and the D4 idiot behind me who talked shite throughout the concert.

  9. I could have gotten the same pleasure sitting in my back garden playing the mission, concert too expensive and poor value

  10. Went with my husband on the 27th…didn’t like being squashed on the poor quality chairs! Didn’t like the fact that when I bought the tickets there was no mention of the concert being outdoors. Luckily it didn’t rain though! We both agreed that the national concert hall would have been a better option all round! Wouldn’t pay that money again for a festival feel concert.

    • I think anyone would prefer to see him in the Concert Hall, it’s a much nicer venue than a field! The capacity is much smaller there though, so would have been much more expensive.

  11. I went on Saturday.I was lucky enough to be in the third row in A3. Awesome concert, the man’s a genius. Only spoiler was a couple of gobsh*tes that continually shouted “maestro, bravissimo”, at the end of every movement, but then insisted on shuffling past everyone with endless pints of bulmers during the music…

  12. Went on the Sunday – lucky the weather behaved for the dutation.
    Was v. disappointed that the film featured first. We had to travel back down the country and were lucky our coach was leaving from Heuston Stn. Two hours of play would have been appreciated for the price of the tickets – 220 euros. Someone made money out of it !!!!!
    Howasever – glad I saw the concert and how did the people who stood and looked in with no tickets – get in – in the first place !! Security should have started at the archway on entrance to the grounds – that needs to be a process for tightening up.


  13. Uncouth? The man is a Genius. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see him in Ireland. Then people march up and down constantly throughout to get more and more pints so they can get up again every 15 minutes to piss it back out again. I saw a man with his very young daughter who had paid handsomely for tickets have to sit beside a ‘respectable’ mature couple who downed buckets of wine and then fall asleep. Is that uncouth? I was at U2 in crooked park. People did not leave seats to get pissed.

  14. Ennio Morrecone is a genius with 500 complicated pieces of music composed for film and TV, however the concert length (1 and half hrs including encores) was hugely disappointing. The repetition of pieces in the 4 encores, the constant distraction from ignorant drinkers and the shattered look on Mr Morrecone’s face at the end left me feeling a little sad.

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