Feck Off Crows – New Theatre – Review


This play is set during the war of independence in Ireland, where a young and naive girl arrives in a nunnery to study to become a nun in a small, rural community in Ireland. The nun she has carried out her correspondence with has since died and she is left dealing with her under study who had no knowledge she was due to arrive. The nuns in the house have been suffering for the last few months from a ‘plague of crows’, that eat everything their farm produces, leaving the nuns with little to survive on. To rectify the situation, the student nun calls on a young man she met in the village to shoot the crows, while the older nun calls on the British army. Unwittingly, they have called both sides of the war of independence to the house at the same time to solve their issues, and this sets in motion a sequence of events with tragic consequences.

The staging is simple in the play, with all the events taking place in the farm house nunnery. The various members of both armies arrive at the door, as well as telegraphs and letters to keep the play moving at good pace, and never let the audience get bored. The cast are varied in ability, but the old hands of Breid Morris and Joe Purcell keep the ship on course.

This is an interesting and ambitious play by young writer and director Thomas Quain, and the story line is inventive and quirky. Thomas is a recent graduate from Galway and this is his second play after last year’s ‘Not while there’s work to be done’. While the play is by no means perfect, he is obviously at an early stage in his career, and there is enough in this production to mark him out as on to watch in the future.

Feck Off Crows by Thomas Quain (Insanity Factory) Jul 22nd – Jul 27th @ 7.30pm – Tickets: €15 / 12 (conc)

Written and Directed by Thomas Quain

Bréid Morris
Aislinn Ní Uallacháin
Joe Purcell
Benjamin Musgrave
Shane Fallon

Categories: Theatre

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