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Longitude Review – Sunday – 21-07-13

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs play Marlay Park

Yes, it’s the last day and everything is starting to hurt! The end line is in sight, so it’s time to ignore those aching legs and give it all you got, because there’s no tomorrow (kinda). This was the stand out day of the event by a country mile by my reckoning, and Hot Chip and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs could easily have been headliners in their own right. In fact, there wasn’t even a reason to leave the main stage on Sunday, as all the bands on display were top notch.

Japandroids started early doors and all those that made it to the venue on time loved what they saw. Frightened Rabbit were next up and I’ve a massive soft spot for what they do, smart lyrics and good honest rock, and all done with a cheeky Scottish drawl. Mark Lanegan turned up and barely moved during his set, but when you’re as cool as he is, why would you? The former Screaming Trees singer played a lot of his new album, which sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t have minded a few older tracks.

Hot Chip don’t look the coolest band in the world, but they do create some lovely sounds, and they really got the crowd jumping. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were possibly the best band of the whole event, and their lead singer Karen O really knows how to bounce on stage. Last up it was Kraftwerk, who played a 3-D set, and after the initial thrill of getting your glasses on, were a bit lifeless. Is that fair to say about a band that base themselves on being like robots? Their music was good, none the less, and some of the images were impressive.

The festival worked well and I’d hope to see it return next year. There was a good vibe and while I’m sure the sun helped matters, a good dash of Indie pop goes a long way to keep the crowd smiling. See you next year, hopefully…

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