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Longitude Festival – Day 2 – 20-07-13 – Review

Mid Clap

Sporadic beer rain as people launch the dregs of their pints into the air? Check. Long chains of girls trailing through the crowd with linked hands like strange segmented insects? Check. 30 minutes trips to the bar, battling your way though the zombie hordes to make it to the front? Check. Yes, this is the stuff of festivals, and we love it!

The music on day two was much more my scene, and Local Natives were the first band I braved, as I was more than a little scared of exposing my pasty skin to the strange glowing ball in the sky that has dominated the last few days. Yes, the sun is the main ingredient in this weekends festival, and it really has put a smile on everyone’s faces, although I’m sure there will be a few people returning to work on Monday with lobster like complexions.

Los Angeles band Local Natives seemed well at home in the sun, and they performed well despite their airline losing their instruments on the short flight to Dublin. The Villagers came to the rescue and had lent them everything they needed, and in truth I wouldn’t even have noticed other than for their mid song banter.

After a quick trip to catch some tunes from Gold Panda, I returned to the main stage to see the home team, as the Villagers returned to Dublin one more time. Their music isn’t really stadium rock, but with the help of the crowd singing along to every song, they filled the vast space. The main act of the evening were Vampire Weekend and playing in front of a lovely floral print, they banged out their Paul Simon-esque blend of pop to the delight of all those watching, and as light faded over Marlay, I ventured home to prepare mentally and physically for the final onslaught – Sunday, with Kraftwerk, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Hot Chip etc. I’m all excited!

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