Movies – 19-07-13 – Frozen Ground, Life’s a Breeze…

John Cusack in The Frozen Ground

A week without a major, major release, it’s almost a relief after the last couple, with wall to wall advertisements for movies such as Pacific Rim. Possibly the biggest release of the week is Frozen Ground, which stars Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgen, John Cusack and 50 Cent (as a pimp this time, a variation on his normal role as a drug dealer). The surprise is that Mr. Cusack has taken the role as the bad guy in this hunt for a serial killer. Can you see John as a crazy person that cuts people up? No, I can’t either, he’s just too nice. The reviews are average, with Cage and Hudgen’s performance getting plaudits.

Life’s a breeze is an Irish movie starring Pat Shortt and Fionnula Flanagan, and tells the tale of a mattress which contains a million euro that ends up in the dump! The reviews are average but there is a lot of excitement of it’s portrayal of Dublin and Irish life, so possibly one for the home market.

Edgar Wright’s latest instalment of the Cornetto triolgy stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (surprisingly) tells the story of a pub crawl that goes horribly wrong, as the world starts to end! Who knew. Sadly, the reviews are average with the odd poor one thrown in, but I think I want to see it regardless, as they’re good at what they do.

Breath In tells the story of a foreign exchange student who arrives in upstate New York and “challenges the dynamics of her host family’s relationships and alters their lives forever”. It stars Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones and is getting pretty good reviews, so could well be the best release of the week? It’s a slow week in truth.

Blancanieves is a twisted Snow White story that is a silent movie. So, I guess a bit like the Artist meets Disney? Not really, the reviews are very positive but I still can’t see more than twelve people ever going to see it. It is set in 1920 Seville and tells the tale of a female Bullfighter.

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