Doctor Who…or Matthew J. Anthony?


So the news has just hit our (figurative) desk that this Sunday’s performance of The Gospel According to Matthew J. Anthony in Smock Alley is the last of its kind! Rumour has it that the show is being revamped, recast and remoulded for a new outing later in the year…so watch this space!

We asked Matthew what the deal was and he told us: “Well, it was never meant to be a straightforward project and it was certainly never meant to be a typical gig or band show; so I never felt it should remain in one definite form. It’s really about what’s best for the project itself. Matthew J. Antony is not a specific person so it makes sense that the character of Matthew would change and be different people. The old Matthew you used to know is about to regenerate, transform and return as a fresh-faced and reenergised being…much like Doctor Who I guess! There may be blindfolds in the next version of the performance or there may not. Who knows!? Either way, this is the last time I personally will be performing this show publicly for a good while!”

Matthew J. Anthony will perform their spoken word/pop music extravaganza ‘The Gospel According to Matthew J. Anthony‘ at this years 10 Days in Dublin festival on July 7th at 10pm in Smock Alley Theatre. Tickets are €10 available from

*All artist proceeds from the night will be going to Transgender Equality Network Ireland.

Matthew J. Anthony on the night will be: Matthew Palmer, James Byrne, Bronwyn Murphy White, Anna Carey, Patrick Freyne, Kev Connolly, Shane Cullen, Niall Jackson and Ashley Sheil.

Read what The Irish Times had to say about the last Matthew J. ‘Gospel’ performance, in which the audience are blindfolded, HERE.

Matthew’s TWITTER | Matthew’s FACEBOOK

Matthew’s SOUNDCLOUD | Matthew’s iTUNES

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