Les Revenants (The Returned) – TV Review

Les Revenants

The dead are coming back to life in Channel 4’s sublime French drama series on Sunday evenings. We are at the halfway mark of the series but with the help of  4OD you could catch up if you are not already watching. Based on a French film “They Came Back” (2004), we are introduced first to Camille who died in a school bus trip and four years later arrives home to her family home with no recollection of why she woke up in the middle of nowhere and apologizing for being so late. The passage of time becomes all the more apparent as she is an identical twin and Lena her sister is now an adult. In typical French fashion her mother who is alone in the house on her return puts on her most stoic face, blows out the candles and puts away her makeshift altar to her dead daughter and plays along that nothing unusual has occurred. Not everyone is so pleased to find their deceased relatives back at home though, as the returned wife of one elderly gentleman in the small alpine village drives him to burn down his house and commit suicide.

Unfortunately not everyone who is returning from the dead is as benign as Camille appears. A serial killer who terrorized the village years ago and who was murdered by his brother has returned to continue where he left off.  And who is Victor, the small boy who has turned up in Julie’s, a surviving victim of the aforementioned serial killer? The appearance of Victor gave me the same chills as “Bob” did when he stared out of my TV screen in the early 90’s in Twin Peaks. There is little more scary than child ghosts.

Usually I am one of those sky box fanatics who tapes the series that everyone is talking about and waits until the whole thing is taking up precious room in the memory before watching it all but The Returned has me counting down the days between episodes. It is the television equivalent of hard drugs. And I am addicted.

The Returned is on Sunday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

Review by LAW

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