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Nancy Elizabeth – Dancing – Album Review – Leaf Label

Nancy Elizabeth

Nancy Elizabeth’s third album is called ‘Dancing’. It was recorded in a cold flat in Manchester, where she layered piano, guitars and synths along with many  vocal harmonies to create this languid and lovely sound.  There is nothing home produced (not necessarily a bad thing) or lo-fi about the album, and it’s hard to credit its humble origins.

I was in here, on my own. No money to do anything and no reason to be anywhere. Staying awake throughout the night, with my headphones on, I created Dancing. (1)

The unifying theme of the album is a slow and  gentle style that washes over you and at times it could be too subtle for its own good. The album requires attention to unlock its hidden intricacies and with the plethora of new music available to listeners at all times, this album could be destined to become one of those lost gems, hopefully it will find the audience it deserves.

Stand out tracks: Debt, Death in a Sunny Room.

1. Nancy Elizabeth site

Album available at Leaf Label web site.

For fans of: Tori Amos, Florence and the Machine

Earlier singles from Nancy Elizabeth – Feet of Courage – From the album Wrought Iron

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