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Widowspeak – Workman’s Club – 26-05-13


Widowspeak are an indie rock band from New York and consists of guitarist and vocalist Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas. Last night in the Workman’s Club Dublin (25-05-13) they took to the stage a little before 10, and were a 5 piece with a wall of guitars, and occasional keyboard, as well as bass and drums! The vocals of Molly are faint and dreamy, and reminded me of Margo Timmins of the Cowboy junkies and also Victoria Legrand of Beach House. The slow numbers worked really well with her lovely warm vocal style, but were less successful with the louder numbers. The band are all talented musicians, and the guitar sounds or Robert Earl and his variety of rock poses were enjoyable to listen to/ watch. They’re a solid rock band and kept the crowd entertained throughout. They finished the night with a version of Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, a short set as they left the stage well before 11, but perfectly formed!

His Clancyness played support on the night, and I had to google the name of the band, despite the lead singer saying it three times (It’s an unusual name)! It makes more sense when you find out their lead singer is called Jonathan Clancy. They’re a four piece with guitar, bass and drums, that play dream pop and are good at what they do. Another one to add to the list of bands to watch.

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