Movies – 24-05-13 – My Neighbour Totoro, Grigris…


With the multi-plex cinemas clogged up with Iron Man and Star Trek, this could be described as a slow week at the cinemas. Still, there’s some good re-issues doing the rounds, especially a few animations from Japan’s Studio Ghibli, how dearly I love their work!

My neighbour Totoro is a story of two young girls who move to the country and meet the spirits of the forest.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Grave of the Fireflies. Go on, teach your kids that there’s more than Hollywood out there!

Ok, this is probably the movie your kids will want to see, not the two above! I guess you have to let them make their own mistakes. Epic gets average reviews for this one, and actually, it sounds more than a little like my neighbour Totoro, as a young girl is transported into a forest to battle the evil within!

The Hangover part III gets poor to average reviews, and the best of it is probably below! Actually, even the trailer isn’t that funny.

The best of the non animated movies this week is probably this Grigris, the story of a 25 year old man in Africa with a paralysed leg that dreams of being a dancer. Good reviews all around.

Something in the air is a French movie about the 1969 student protests told form the perspective of the young and beautiful students. Sadly the reviews are average enough, but it looks like it could be a dreamy summer movie.

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