Movies – 17-05-13 The Great Gatsby, Simon Killer, Fast & Furious 6!

The Great Gatsby

The critics got their mojo back this week, and started to hate once more! After the debacle of reviews for Iron Man 3 and Star Trek being not only positive but glowing, I was starting to worry that all critics in town had turned into teenage boys! Thankfully, they were just reserving their hatred for Baz Luhrmann’s latest effort. Yes, it looks day glow and horrible, and I think I had it pegged for a turkey since I saw the trailer for it before the latest Dark Knight movie (was it really that long ago?). Still, turkey it is, and even Leo and Tobey could do nothing to save it! Full details on the turkey in question are here.

Which leads me onto Fast and Furious 6 which makes no sense at all! Movies that are part 6 of a series are never good, you don’t even have to watch them to know that, it’s just implicit, it’s a given, it’s a fact of the universe, like snow is cold or fire is hot. Well, maybe the critics had used up all their bile and spite on the movie above. It’s dumb and stupid, but it does actually look like it could be fun!

Here come the serious movies down the end, that everyone knows they should go to, but probably won’t. Hijacking is the story of a Danish Cargo ship being hijacked at sea. No? Not for you? Well, it’s getting glowing reviews in most quarters.

Maybe Simon Killer will interest you, as at least this has pretty you things in it, even if it is independent and a bit odd looking! It stars Bradley Corbet of ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ fame (is that really fame?) . He’s being pushed in all the interviews in the papers today, so maybe it’s the birth of a new star? The reviews are universally positive, so go enjoy this one!

Beware of Mr. Baker is a documentary into the life and times of Ginger Baker, the drummer with Cream and Blind Faith. He sounds a horrible man, but that often makes for a good documentary!

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