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Lee Noble – Ruiner – Album Review

Lee Noble

Lee Noble’s album ‘Ruiner’ is a distant and haunting affair. From the opening sounds you know this is going to be something unusual as each song builds from layered images or fragments and the overall effect is quite eerie. The instruments involved are not that unorthodox, with simple strummed guitar, banjo, church organs and  and vocals, but the variety of sounds/ samples along with the murky production change it into something quite abstract.

The songs vary from lost folk songs to heavily layered drone and often the two in the one song. Samples build up and reverberate like strange echoes in the recording room or stray thoughts, they pound and slowly fade into the back ground. The vocals are low in the mix and almost like they were picked up by a stray microphone. It leaves you straining to hear what is being said and makes you listen all the more intently. Other songs offer brash synth sounds, such as on Rewilding, which is simply keyboard over a drum machine that fades out just at it becomes something solid.

Lee Noble is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist that has developed his sound through using vintage analog drones. The variety of sounds used in this deeply layered collection of songs make this an interesting puzzle you’ll be trying to solve for many months to come!

The album is available from Bathetic Records.



December ∞


Demon Pond


Remind Me

Disintegrate Ideas

Wring the Rag

I Don’t Blame You, We’re Having the Same Dream

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