Live Collision Festival – Project Arts Centre (Kinda)

Dublin's Fare City

Collision Live is a mini theatre festival, running from the 18th (tomorrow!) to the 21st of April, which sounds a lot of fun!

“Live Collision present a series of events titled We Are In Public which move performance from the confines of the traditional performance space and out in to the city of Dublin.”

That’s the fun part in my mind, as a number of the plays are set in unusual settings around the city, from public spaces, hidden locations, basement flats, rooftop gardens, etc.

One play is set in a taxi, which picks you up outside the Project Arts Centre and drives you around the city! I have an irrational fear of taxi drivers, so this is one of the most troubling for me!

Another guides you around the city meeting six-foot drag queens and other unusual characters.

Yet another takes you to the roof top gardens of the city, to encounter interventions in performance, music and sound inspired by the notion that Micheal de Certau calls “An Icariun Fall”.

If you haven’t tried any Immersive theatre yet, this could be the place to start! There’s nothing like having your heart racing, wondering what will happen next!

If it sounds a little too freaky for your tastes, there’s another section that gives you a seat and a stage, so whichever you prefer really.

Full details are here:

Live Collision Double Bills

Dismantlement and Internal Terrains8.15pm, 18 April
Wideawake and The Best of Scottee8.15pm, 19 April
The Woman Who Walks On Knives and We Used To Wait8,15pm, 20 April

We Are In Public – Limited Capacity Events

Walking:Holding – Various Times, 18 – 20 April
Dublin’s Fare City – Various Times, 18 & 20 April
All Limit’s Are Self-Imposed – 3.00pm, 19 April


Discussions Without Time Limits – 2.00pm – 5.00pm, 20 April

The Live Collision web site is here.

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