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Rachel Zeffira – Unitarian Church – 14-04-13 – Review

Blessed Are...Rachel Zeffira

‘You can talk if you want’ said Rachel as she took her seat in front of the piano to a deadly silent crowd after the initial clapping and cheers had died down! ‘It’s a little awkward actually’. She’s right of course, it’s often the same at gigs in churches, no one is quite sure how to act. It was a Sunday after all, so is it wrong to talk in church?

As soon as Rachel Zeffira and the rest of the six piece band (including clarinet, cello, drums, occasional flute and backing singers) started playing the small crowd gathered there knew they were in for a treat. It was obvious after several seconds that there was a fine collection of musicians on display and an interesting night of music ahead. The mix of sounds was unusual, and it’s nice to have a break from the monotony of guitar music every once in a while. This was largely piano music, but the cello and clarinet featured prominently throughout.

The set featured most of the new album ‘Deserters’ including the title track, and highlights included ‘Waiting for Sylvia’ and the final track in the main set ‘Star’. There was also a Beatles cover in ‘Because’ as well the My Bloody Valentine number.


The rendition of ‘To here knows when’ was a little stripped down from the version in Abbey Road Studio, but worked very well on the night! It’s an interesting idea to convert the My Bloody Valentine classic into an orchestral piece, and take the emphasis away from the synths, and it does capture the imagination!

At the end of the evening, Rachel said her Mother was from Mayo, and this was her first time in Ireland since she was 10 years old! I’m claiming her as one of our own, even with a name like Zeffira! Come back anytime Rachel, Ireland is calling you!


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