Competition – Matias Aguayo – Button Factory – 8th June Button Factory


For those of you who know Matias’s work, it is exciting news that he’s coming to Dublin! For those that don’t know his name, you may already know his voice, as he’s the vocalist on the Battles single Ice cream. His own music is just as inventive and interesting as Battles, as can be seen from Rollerskate below! Here’s what the press release as to say about his live show:

A member of the Cologne-based label Kompakt, his DJ sets integrate the microphone with what is sometimes just a couple of instruments, all performed live. Matias holds a futuristic vision of underground house, groove driven techno and plenty of energised vocal stabs.

Born 1973 in Santiago de Chile, Matias Aguayo spent the whole ’90s in Cologne (Germany), contributing to the city’s electronic music scene as a club kid and a DJ at various clubs, the legendary Liquid Sky among them. Aguayo also organized his own nights and hooked up with local key players Michael Mayer and Dirk Leyers to form the production outfits Zimt and Closer Musik, respectively. Touring from disco to disco to perform his live sets, eventually took him to Buenos Aires where he ended up staying for some time to organize temporary free club spaces like the Juventud Clandestina or the Hoy Club – and he never really left.

We’re giving away two tickets to one lucky winner, and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is reveal you favourite type of Ice cream to us! I know, it’s a lot to give, but we are hard on people like that. Please email us at Entries have to be in by this Friday lunch time (19/04/13 @ 1PM) and the winner will be contacted by email.

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