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New My Bloody Valentine Album Today?

My Bloody Valentine

[Kevin wasn’t toying with us (much), the details of the new album MBV, released on Saturday the 2nd of Feb are here]

Is Kevin toying with us? I think he is, but I’m not sure!

Want to hear something that will freak you out? Loveless was released in 1991, which makes it 22 years old this year!

At the My Bloody Valentine gig at the Electric in Brixton last Sunday night (27-01-13), in an unusual bit of banter with the crowd, someone shouted up ‘When is the new album due?’. To which the bold Mr. Shield replied ‘Two or three days’.

Pixies take note, you can only live on former glory for so long, and reunion tour after reunion tour just gets a bit dull, so great to see something new from My Bloody Valentine regardless of when it arrives. We live in hope, two or three days could be TODAY!!!

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