Movies – 25-01-12

Zero Dark Thirty

We’re about half way through Oscar season in the movies, and have another two hot contenders released this week. The main releases of the week are Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln (you can read our review here, and I think it’s safe to say that Matthew HATED it!).

Lincoln is generally getting good reviews (with a few curve balls in there!), and the critics are in rapture about Dan’s latest performance. He seems a shoe-in for the Best Actor award. The main negative criticisms revolve around the fact that it’s a procedural drama, about Lincoln’s attempts to win enough votes for abolish slavery. It sounds slow and very long at two and half hours, but worth seeing? It’s a tough choice.

Zero Dark Thirty is another story of how great America is (when will they get over themselves!). It has opened up a lot of discussion on the rights and wrongs of torture of captives to gain information, which is a fascinating debate. The reviews are generally positive, but again there’s a few dissenting voices in the crowd.

If you’re just going for a night at the cinema, then Arnie’s return ‘The Last Stand’ seems like it could be fun! No fear of an Oscar for this one, but nice to see the big guy back on the screen. It’s odd how all the action heroes are the same as they were twenty years ago, with Stallone, Bruce Willis etc. Where is the next generation?

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