The Life and sort of Death of Eric Argyle – Smock Alley – Review

Eric Argyle

Eric Argyle decides to save time while crossing the road by not looking. This is not the best decision Eric has made during his 58 years of life, and brings it to an abrupt end! Eric arrives in a new place, where for reasons unknown to him they start to replay scenes from his life, discussing his actions and motivations. This strange and humorous tale is from 15th Oak and was written by Ross Dungan, who may be known to you as one third of the sketch comedy group ‘A Betrayal of Penguins’.

The young cast of Eric Argyle make this difficult and intricate play work. The complex script is delivered at break neck pace and with near flawless comic timing; each actor bouncing off the other impressively . They all play a variety of roles, with the narration of the piece passing from one actor to the next at various stages. Erica Murray (who was recently in Tender Napalm) and Rachel Gleeson stand out among a very talented young cast.

The staging is simple but inventive, as a variety of scenes are created through movement of the props around the stage and alteration of the lighting, leaving a lot to the imagination of the viewer.Simple guitar music often forms the backdrop for the events, with the addition of accordion on occasion. The sense of drama builds throughout, and the tempo towards the end leaves you breathless.

The life and sort of death of Eric Argyle runs at Smock Alley until Saturday the 26th, with tickets from €10-15. There’s a post show discussion on the 22nd for those who need to know more!

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