WOUNDS are for life…not just for Fibbers!


It looks like Ireland finally has a convincing ‘scream-till-your-ears-bleed’, rock, cock n’ balls, hardcore, all-male, noisy guitar group! I’m not sure where they came from – the blackest of depths obviously! – but I randomly came across Wounds online the other day and I was totally impressed! It’s hard to scream well and the singer, Aidan Coogan, does it effortlessly!

Their debut album, Die Young, is due for release January 28 through In At The Deep End records – once home to Gallows, so you get the idea! – and they’re celebrating the launch of this life-affirming and cheerily-titled debut in Fibber Magees on January 25th.

I don’t know what they’re like live, but they certainly look the part and sound the part…and if the video for ‘No Future’ – embedded at the end of this post – is anything to go by, you might not survive the gig alive if you go!

For a free sample track from the album, download ‘Dead Dead Fucking Dead’ from the Soundcloud player below:

Matthew Barks

P.s. At least I think Wounds are Irish. I can’t find any information to contradict my assumption.

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