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Movie Review – Safety Not Guaranteed


I’m always worried about a movie that bills itself as being ‘From the producers’ of another movie, as what does that really mean? I’m not sure what impact that really has on a movie, but I guess producers do like to work with certain writers, directors etc. The worst tag line I’ve seen is a movie in the IFI at the moment bills itself as being ‘From the distributors’ of tag line, and Lord only knows what that means!

Safety not guaranteed is from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, and I guess it does share a similar mad cap view of the world and is a lighthearted comedy. The story tells of a journalist and two interns following a classified advert about a man who claims to be able to travel in time, for a humorous piece in a magazine. The journalist that suggest the piece as an ulterior motive though, as the town where the time traveler lives is also one where an old girlfriends lives, who he wants to look up!

Mark Duplass steals many scenes in the movie as the time traveling Kenneth, with his rambo-esque training regime and thoughts on the world around him. He works at the local super market, stacking shelves and working on the till, making the whole idea that he has invented a time travel machine even more remote.

The movie has a fantastical feel to it, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. While not being anything special, it is certainly enjoyable and will keep you entertained throughout.

Grade: C

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