Movies – 04-01-13


Our first movie preview post of the new year, and where better to start with a gem from 1974! Still, the Polanski season at the IFI is far and away the hottest ticket in town, so why look further than Chinatown? Just run with Jack Nicholson in his prime in this gem of a movie.

Otherwise, the best of a mediocre week is ‘Outisde Satan‘ which is the new movie from Burno Dumont and tells the tale of the strange relationship a teenage girl and a poacher. The critics like it anyway, even if it does look a bit odd below.

The two other films released this week are ‘Quartet‘ (a movie starring Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly that sounds sweet and light hearted) and The Impossible (Lo Imposible) which tells the tale of the 2004 tsunami. It’s from the director of the Orphanage and stars Ewan McGregor, which gets strangely mixed reviews.

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