Movies – 28-12-12

The last movie post of the year! Yes, that’s right, it’s Friday, even though it doesn’t seem like it, so there’s a batch of new movies released. So who would be crazy enough to release their movie on a lost weekend in December? The answers lie below.


I’m always worried about movies that promote themselves as being from the producers of another successful one, as what do producers really do? Well, ‘Safety not guaranteed’ is from the producers of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, and is a comedy about a guy who believes in time travel. It gets mixed reviews, but looks like it could be funny at least!

Jack Reacher is a new Tom Cruise vehicle. It’s directed by Christopher McQuarrie who wrote ‘The Usual Suspects’ and has Top Gun 2 listed on his upcoming projects on IMDB, the world waits for that one! This is a story of a homocide investigator who digs deeper into a case about a sniper, and strangely seems to be played for laughs (mostly!). Can Tom do funny? Probably not if the critics are to be believed! Werner Herzog plays the bad guy though, which is almost enough to get me into the cinema!

Otherwise, there’s a version of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children telling the story of the transformation of India from a British colony to a democracy and gets average reviews in most places. False Trail and Parental Guidance are the other releases of the week.

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