Deputy Fuzz – Interview with Kidd Jones


It’s been 10 years since Deputy Fuzz were around. How come you guys decided to get back together?

Well I think it’s more of a one-off gig really. James and I would often bump into Bronwyn at different shows in Dublin since Fuzz ended and we all spontaneously said to one another at different times, “Hey! We should really do a 10-year reunion gig and re-release of Music For Toys!” So the will to do it was there and we thankfully managed to organise it. But it nearly didn’t happen! It was only this August (2012) when we all finally all sat down to try and work out the dates to make it happen. An 11-year anniversary gig or re-release of Toys would’ve sounded a bit sh*t really!

To someone who has never heard any of Fuzz’s material before, how would you describe it?

Lo-fi, quirky-as-f*ck, lyrically mysterious, childishly serious, so-new-it’s-old-wave, alt rock.

Interesting! That actually sounds great! So is it just a straight-up re-release of Music for Toys then?

No, not exactly. We’ve added two old 8-track home recordings, ‘No Son, No Daughter’ and ‘Kids Dig Punk,’ as well as a newly recorded studio version of a song called ‘Moviefish Superstars.’ We all loved Moviefish but never released it back in the day or even recorded a good version of it, so recording it in K9 Studios in November just felt like a nice way to re-open and re-close the Deputy Fuzz story. All the tracks are being re-mastered too and will be available on-line in addition to the limited CD re-release on the night of the gig.

So no brand new material?

No. No yet anyway! And everyone’s involved in so many different creative projects that I wouldn’t hold your breath on that front. I also don’t think we could write songs like that anymore if we tried! There was just something so bizarre and childish…but also endearing about what we did back then that I don’t think we could consciously recreate that now. I guess we have all ‘matured’ or changed creatively since then, which is to be expected, but you can never say never! I’m imagining the gig will feel like proper closure though…unless someone offers us lots of money of course!

FUZZScan 1

Is it true that Bronwyn is in a hundred bands?

(Laughs). Not quite…but nearly! She plays in Grand Pocket Orchestra, We are Losers and Skelocrats. She also works as a graphic designer in Big Wow. Skelocrats have just released their debut album too, so she is very busy!

And James is pretty active too, right?

Hell yeah! My god! Not only does he run own indie label here in Dublin (Any Other City records) but he drums in Villagers too. No need to explain how busy he’s going to be next year! Villagers’ second album, {Awayland}, is due out in January and, having had the pleasure of hearing it a while back, I know they’re going to have a very big and hectic 2013! Best Irish album for years!

Better than Music For Toys?

(Laughs again) No comment!

And what about yourself? What have you been up to creatively since the original Deputy Fuzz days?

Well, James and I continued in Life After Modelling with Bennie Reilly (Little X’s For Eyes) after Deputy Fuzz disbanded in 2003 and then, when LAM ended in 2005, we – that is, James and I – continued writing shit loads of songs. In that last three years we somehow managed to record two albums worth of material, one electric and the other piano-based, and we are now trying to work out how to introduce that material to the larger public. In may be in the form of a play or a theatrical monologue piece with the songs intersecting the text…but only time will tell. The working title for the project is ‘The Gospel According to Matthew J. Anthony’ and we’re edging closer to realising it. 2013 will reveal all. I promise!

Deputy Fuzz play Whelans upstairs at 8.30pm on Friday, December 21st. Support comes from one-time label mates The NPB and the CD re-release of Music For Toys will be available on the night. Alternatively, you can download a digital copy or order a hardcopy of the album here.

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