Jezebel – Project Arts Centre – Review


Nothing comes easy to Jezebel when it comes to love, she just keeps attracting the wrong men. When she met her boyfriend in an art gallery and he said he was a dealer, she made obvious assumptions! He never said what type of dealer he was, and she didn’t ask! Later, when her drug dealer boyfriend breaks up with her from prison, she knows this is a new low. The desperation is starting to show, and that is when she meets a couple trying to jazz up their sex life, in Alan and Robin. Needless to say, it doesn’t go easy from there.

This is a farce in the traditional sense, with no one character knowing the whole of the story, and more confusion than at the average FG/ Labour cabinet meeting. You really just have to let go and run with it, as the story gets more complex, unlikely but all the time statistically possible! It’s a situation comedy, but not in the bad sense. The three main parts play off each other extremely well, with the performance of Jezebel (Valerie O’Connor) standing out as the dizziest of the all!

The writer and director are from the Rough Magic Seeds project, and it’s good to see their work come to fruition on the Project stage.

Jezebel runs at the Project Arts Centre until the 22nd, with tickets from €10-16.

Written by Mark Cantan

Directed by José Miguel Jiménez

Set & Lighting by Ciarán O’Melia

Costume by Deirdre Dwyer

Cast: Peter Daly, Niamh McCann & Valerie O’Connor

Categories: Theatre

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