Nearly men – Albums of the Year – Part 1


Ok, We’re in the final stages to putting together our albums of the year column. Here’s a few that almost…. made the list:

Father John Mist – Fear Fun – The ex Fleet Foxes released an album with quirky lyrics and honest to god 70’s rock. It’s a lovely album that will keep you chuckling for many a moon! You can also call him Nancy…

Damien Jurado – Maraqopa – Damien is right up my alley, and I’ve always had a soft spot for a crooner with a guitar. This is another solid album the man who has been putting out quality music for almost 20 years while the world continues to ignore. When will they sit up and listen?

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas – The original old crooner, well, ok, not the original, but at 78 years of age, it’s great to get some new music from this legend. It’s strange to see him on continuous tour for the last few years, but great that a new generation are getting to know and love his music.

Grimes – Visions – This is from the other end of the age spectrum, as 24 year old Claire Boucher put out her third album and her first on 4AD. You’ll probably know her from the Eircom ad, if nowhere else.

Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music – If all the songs were as good as the one below, it would have been near the top of the list! I love some of it, and others just seem like filler.

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