Movies – 07-12-12

Tom Waits Seven Psychopaths

First up, another one of those movies I’ve been looking forward to for months, only for the critics to ruin it for me! Seven Psychopaths is Martin McDonagh’s follow up to the lovely ‘In Bruges’ and has all sorts of stars in it, including Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Tom Waits and Michael Pitt. The critics consensus is well acted but a bit all over the place. I’ll see it regardless, just for Mr. Waits.

The Man with Iron Fists is RZA of the Wu Tangs first outing as a director, and it’s obviously rubbish, but you have to love him for trying! Laurence Anyways is a transgender romance movie, that is well received in most spots. Dollhouse is an Irish movie about rebellious teens that doesn’t even get glowing praise from the Irish press, oddly enough. We tend to love our own.

Turn Me on, Godammit‘ could be the best release of the week, this Norwegian female coming of age movie gets glows in most places.

There’s also a Miley Cyrus movie out, called ‘So Undercover‘ that I hope never to see, but in truth, I’m not sure I was the intended market!

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