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Staygold – Rain On Our Parade – Album Review

After the brief but attention-grabbing sonics of the opening intro track, Swedish duo Staygold’s electropop album ‘Rain On Our Parade’ hits the ground running and makes you wish you were on the dance floor from the get-go. The album is littered with guest vocalists but rather than detract from its impact, the album benefits from the variety of collaborative artists featured on it . The likes of Lady Tigre, Spankrock and Style of Eye – to name but a few – essentially steer the record away from the repetitious moors of the standard, more unimaginative dance album and helps ‘Rain On Our Parade’ to bounce along with a rarely found freshness from track-to-track.

This is essentially a disco-party album with plenty of sparkle and spank! So listen to it whilst jogging, then shower, put some sequins on, invite some friends over, buy some booze  (as long as everyone is over 18 of course) and you’ll easily boogie away all night to this on repeat! Involuntary rhythmical body movement guaranteed!

Standout tracks: Backseat, Wallpaper, Swimsuit.

‘Rain On Our Parade’ is out now on Magnetron Music.

Matthew Barks

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