Movies – 23-11-12

Bret Easton Ellis ‏@BretEastonEllis

“Don’t trust me on movies since “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Magic Mike” are my two favorite films of 2012. Trust yourselves and just go…”

Ok, maybe we don’t really care what Bret likes, has he hasn’t written a good book in a long time at this stage! Still, Rules of attraction is a true gem. Silver Linings Playbook gets three stars in nearly every other spot I checked, so the word on the street is average! Still, David O’Russell directs it, and that’s generally enough reason in itself to see it.

Gambit is the movie that tried to pretend it was a Cohen brothers movie, where as they only wrote the screen play, and took their cheque! It gets awful reviews in most spots. End of Watch is the fly on the wall documentary style movie that stars Jake Gyllenhaal. From the trailer I was quite excited, but sadly the critics were bored by it. Navity 2 is one for the kids, Lawrence of Arabia also gets a re-release, not sure I’ve ever seen that one, so might make the effort. And that’s your lot…

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