Alan Moore – Decline of an English Murder

Alan Moore has been stepping outside his comfort zone in recent months, with songs and short movies! The Decline of an English Murder is a simple guitar song with Alan on vocals. I’m not sure he should have sung it himself, but it actually works none the less! It’s due to his involvement with the occupy movement, which you can see from the lyrics below. It was released on the 5th of November, which is a big day for all V for Vendetta fans!

“They’ve emptied the terraced row with compulsory purchases, reasoning they’d make more from the ground with the people gone”

‘Your average psychopath at least kills with a hammer or brick, not with greed and incompetence,

and after two or three years may even express remorse’

Here’s a prelude to his new short film, made with Mitch Jenkins. It will be interesting to see it considering his opinion on the movies made out of his graphic novels (he hated them in case you’re wondering!).

Categories: Comics, Movies, Music

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