Bite Size Movie Reviews – Looper

I had heard the hype and then heard a bunch of my friends say that it wasn’t worth the hype. It’s a good way to go to a movie, with low expectations and generally means you come out smiling. This is a fairly straight forward time travel piece, with not too much jumping around. Set in a not too distant future, where gangsters transport people back through time so they can be killed and their bodies dealt with (don’t think about this too much, as it doesn’t make much sense). It’s high concept science fiction, but once you’ve come to terms with the premise, it’s dealt with in a pretty straight forward linear fashion (Back to the Future 2 was harder to follow!).

The art direction is at times very impressive, as the future of 2074 is a fun place to visit (thankfully they have hover bikes!). The acting is good to fine, Bruce Willis does his smirk less than usual, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues to climb the ladder towards leading man stature. The story is a little hokey at times, but there’s so few good sci fi movies out there, that I can see what people would get excited about this one! Worth watching for all sci fi fans. Grade: ‘C’

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