The Prosperous Market – Featuring James Yorkston, Lisa O’Neill and Seamus Fogarty – 8th Dec – Workmans Club

First off, I’m not sure how this one works. Someone will have to explain it to me! Entry to the market in the workmans club will be free and will “feature a wonderful array of goods including hot food, sandwiches & cake stalls, numerous stalls selling books, zines, comics, vinyl, toys & crafts. There also be some story-telling and a complimentary whiskey-tasting session in the adjoining Bison Bar.” The music will be on throughout the day with tickets at 16 euro here and will include those listed above and a few other names to be added later on (I’d be on Adrian Crowley, as he seems to be mates with Yorkie!).

It’s a nice idea and should end up being a fun event, but there might be some hanging around to see your favorite artist. Hopefully they’ll give the times of the singers closer to the event. I’d go to anything with James Yorkston involved, so looking forward to it. Could be a kid friendly event also, so those with little nippers could head along too….

Categories: Gigs

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