Movies – 26-10-12

The big event this week is Skyfall, the new James Bond! People seem to giving out about the product placement more than usual for this one, but it seems to be a good one, as these things go. Those who like them will be excited and those that don’t will ignore it, and see bits of it at Christmas in two years time. I’m in the second camp, as you may have guessed!

Room 237 is a documentary a The Shinning, and is getting good reviews in most places. The trailer itslef is always so I’m adding a short by Vivian Kubrick, shot at the time of the making of the Shinning following Jack Nicholson around, as you would if you were a 17 year old girl!

Crazy horror clown antics in Stitches is the other release, and gets awful reviews, but I’m sure the critics are wrong and it’s actually great. How could it now be?

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