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Beck’s Vier Weekender – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Meeting House Square – Review

Part two of the all brass challenge took place in Meeting House square last night, underneath the strange umbrellas that now dominate the square. I say umbrella, but they’re concave not convex and are more like giant leek stalks coming out of the concrete, regardless they are a vast improvement and make this space available for events throughout the year. I’m not sure I would have gone to a concert in the square in October of last year!

Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble played support and got a decent reaction from the crowd. They are a nice mix of sounds with ten musicians on stage at times, including a brass section, and rapper on occasion.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble arrived on stage at 10.45 and immediately made an impression with their matching outfits of black trousers and waistcoats and white shirts. Their style is quite different from the Hot 8, playing all their own music. For the first 45 minutes of the set, they were quite a traditional Brass band, and the only interaction with the crowd being between songs, but as the night wore on, a number of the group rapped and sang over the wall of brass. Their rapping skills are not as impressive as their achievements with trumpet and trombone, but they work the crowd very well and created a great atmosphere. They finished just after midnight, and left the crowd requesting more (I guess they had a curfew?). So, who won the Brass prize for the weekend? I’d have to give it to the Hypnotic boys, who just nipped it!

Shakey phone cam courtesy of brightamberstar

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  1. Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble were off the hook!! And there was at least 14 of them on stage, I counted, plus a few dancers as well.

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