Patrick Wolf – Sundark and Riverlight – Review

Ok, so I’ve always had a bit of soft spot for Patrick Wolf. I’ve always liked his strong eye for visuals and his ability to jump between – and mix-up – genres (often within the space of just one song). This has had its down side over the years though. Rarely did one album convincingly work as a collective piece of music and his penchant for crazy industrial noises and dance beats often annihilated the resonance of his naturally deep voice (especially when in its lower register).

I am happy to say he has now released a retrospective or ‘greatest hits’ album which features newly recorded, acoustic versions of material – as selected by Wolf himself – from the last ten years of his career. It is undeniably the most consistent and inviting piece of work he has released to date. At long last his voice sits perfectly in the acoustic mixes and no longer has to fight to be heard over any excessive instrumentation. Finally, yes finally, that lower register of his is given the space and opportunity to resonate in all its splendid glory! I thoroughly recommend giving it listen. ‘Tis a very atmospheric, beautiful and seductive piece of work from beginning to end.

Standout tracks: Wind In the Wires, Oblivion, Vulture, Overture, House.

Sundark and Riverlight goes on sale this Friday in Ireland.

Here’s a link to a stream of the album in its entirety.

Matthew Barks

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