Dublin Theatre Festival – Special Events.

As well as the big events in the DTF there’s a number of Special Events!  And how special are they, I hear you cry? Well, it varies, but there’s a few nice looking things in there with a lot of them free.

The Wooster Group are one of the main attractioins of the festival, with the American company’s Hamlet. There’s a series of their movies at the IFI displaying their “innovative and often deeply controversial deconstructions of classic texts and autobiographical material, their stunningly sophisticated use of film and digital technology on the stage, and their ensemble of extraordinary performing artists”. Sounds nice and odd!

Another one that stands out isBird which is the first opera by Julie Feeney, you can see an ‘in progress’ version of the opera, which is based on Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Happy Prince’. This is free but ticketed, so get them while you can! It’s on at 1pm on Thursday the 4th of Oct.

Another free but ticketed event is ‘Riverrun’ Adapted and Performed by Olwen Fouéré and is based on Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, it’s on Friday the 5th of Oct at 12 noon. Later that day at 3pm in the project arts centre, there’s more free theatre with ‘History‘ by Theatre club, the third part of their trilogy. The following week there’s Mainstream by Fishamble on Saturday the 13th at noon, which again is free. You can see the rest of the events here.

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