Saint – Project Arts Centre – Review

First off, this play is mostly in Irish! Strangely enough the fringe brochure doesn’t mention this. There is also a splattering of French, but the story is mostly told through imagery and music, and is largely non-verbal, so you could probably get the gist without having either language.

This is a comedic re-telling of the Celtic tiger years and puts the blame where it sees fit, and sadly the Irish people do not come out unsullied! It features such characters as the  politician re-zoning land, and the old farmer woman who gets caught up in the world of greed, all too easily. The three members of cast play a number of roles, and also operate puppets, toy helicopters and other devices/ toys. There is also a small amount of crowd interaction, and I did make my fringe festival debut during the piece (mental note, sit closer to the back next time).

This is a light and fun production and doesn’t pull any punches on who to blame for the financial mess we find ourselves in! It’s also a good way to brush up on your Irish. Saint finishes tonight (22nd of Sept) with tickets at €12-14.

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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