We Belong Dead – Project Arts Centre – Fringe Festival

We Belong Dead is David Turpin’s self proclaimed ‘Musickal Ritual’ and featured the talents of Cathy Davey, Ivan St John and Hunter- Gatherer as part of the piece band/ choir. In all there was nine on stage, with six singers, two under used readers and one DJ (Hunter-Gatherer) providing the rest of the sounds.

The staging of the piece was impressive, with the microphones for the 9 piece band set out in triangular fashion, with striking lighting design by Kevin Smith. I’m not sure quite what the audience made of the setting, wondering if they were getting a piece of theatre or a gig, but after the first couple of songs, Turpin broke the mood by injecting some quite witty banter about the show on in the Olympia the same night, the Chippendales and a letter he may or may not have actually sent to them!

Really, it was all about the music, which moved through a variety of genres and even went as far as having a duet between Kathy Davey and a Donkey! David’s new album is due soon, and is certainly something to look forward to.

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