Culture night preview

So, what to do on a night where the city is your oyster (well, some of it anyway), yes, that’s right, it’s Culture Night! Remember, do not feed the artists!

I like the look of some of the workshops with piano and singing lessons in the Merrion school of music. There’s also voice and acting lessons in the Lir (limited spaces, so book!). The Abbey has its own workshop, where you can ‘learn techniques’, whatever that means!

In Visual Art circles, they mostly just stay open late, which isn’t really that exciting, but Benny Reilly’s show in the Talbot is worth a look (love her odd view of the world), she’ll be there at 6.30 to discuss her work. You can also meet some artists in the New art studio and the The Graphics Studio.

Collins Barracks have some great things on, including Yoga lessons and Samba music. The IFI are showing ‘Far and Away’ if you want to know what a proper Irish accent sounds like.

Find Religion! Pop into the Buddhist centre for an introduction to meditation. My other favorite religion, the Quakers have a meet and greet just beside the IFI.

Nialler9 has the Music well covered, but the stand out events are the Hothouse Flowers in windmill lane and Anthony Cronin and Donal Lunny at the Ranelagh (where the arts festival is ongoing). There’s also a variety of events in the Contemporary Music Centre.

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