Sparkplug – Lir – Review

Sparkplug is a one man from Little John Nee, which finished last night in Lir. It’s an unusual mix of theatre and music, but I think the music wins out in the end. The stage is set up with an array of interesting shaped guitars, ukuleles, accordions and other various noise making machines, so from that point on, you know you’re in for a night of quirky sounds! You don’t see John first, but hear him, as he starts the show from back stage singing and playing the Ukulele, as he drifts onto the stage.

The story that links the songs together is one of the only pet cemetery in Dongal, mulit-national oil corporations, found art sculptures and how a boat ended up in the middle of the local field. Behind it all though, it’s a story of new found love, and when boy meets girl (or man meets woman in this case).

The music does hold it all together though, and you can get a view of that below, a nice mix of the blues and early Tom Waits, if he had been born in Donegal!

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